He waits in the other room
expectant that all will go on
as it's done before.

Dinner is time for all
the knives, forks and spoons
to pleasingly line up.

She rips hair from her head,
weaves them to make a fine thread.

A sliver of bone salvaged
from when it first was shattered
makes a serviceable needle.

She sews flesh to unsightly flesh,
restraining her squirming viscera.
A tug of the needle and it's done.

She is free to carry the food,
while everyone waits.

It was a small misstep
that caused her to drop
the pretense of gracefulness,
as the seams finally give.

Blood blends with the gravy
though intestines are less inconspicuous.

He turns away,
covers his mouth with a serviette.
"Why did you do that? Darling,
you've made me so uncomfortable."

Song Choice: Originally I thought Killing in the Name cover by Brass Against featuring Sophia Urista. but only because this song has been giving me life during the last week. No, the best song for this poem is Voices Carry by Til Tuesday. I'm only leaving the first song link up because it's an awesome cover and everyone should hear it.

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Kindred Steel

A reluctant traveler scarcely notices the beauty of the road. The colors of each new sunrise lack the harmony found in the memories of those viewed from home. Isolation is a special torment to one used to the closeness of kin. Though in my travels I've learned one doesn't need to be kin to be kindred. I shall not forget my teeth if I encounter mistakes from my past. But I will not ignore the shine from the steel of souls with claws different from my own.

Wind blown seed misses
the earth which cradled deep roots.
This new soil is strange
to me. These flowers are odd,
but I recognize their scent.

Song Choices: Kyrie by Mr. Mister and Philadelphia Freedom covered by Tina and Ike Turner

Today's poem is linked up to Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads' Tuesday Platform.

This poem is from the point of view of Yuuki, a character I have enjoyed writing about for years. The events of this poem take place after this short story, though the full story of what happens to Yuuki next will be covered in my upcoming short story collection, The Trouble With Wanting and Other Not Quite Faery Tales, which will drop in Fall 2018.