of mine,
your worth is more
than puerile clucks in discontented winds.

Song Choice: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift 

I was late to the party for Marian's Fussy Little Forms: Tetractys, but I thought it was such a fun form that I wanted to give it a shot for today's Tuesday Platform at the Toads.

A Little Silver

The first time I woke to your smiling face was decades ago. We started the day off saying this was only temporary, but ended the evening admitting we were very wrong. I've been lucky to have many more years of things to be wrong about.

The sunlight reveals
wrinkles concealed by stubble.
A little silver
doesn't faze me. Any time spent
loving you is a treasure.

Song Choice: Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland. I had to go with the video featuring clips from one of my and my husband's favorite cartoons, Kim Possible.

This tanka prose piece is linked to Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads' Tuesday Platform. I wrote it especially in honor of my 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday.