The Trouble with Wanting, and Other Not-Quite Faerie Tales

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Quirky-cute with a dash of dark, the following seven stories will lead you on journeys to seek revenge, to search for the source of unwanted magic, to learn the disturbing truth in a kindly old woman’s eyes, to earn the right to a tiara belonging to a legendary fairy godmother, to join in on the American Revolution with a little help from faerie magic, to look for an end to re-occurring nightmares, and to find friendship forged in a sword fight in Philadelphia’s faerie court.

What others are saying:

" I was reminded why I fell in love with fairy tales in the first place—the child in me could relate… And now that Rommy has added her brand of quirky-cute-darkness to the mix, so can the adult.
- Magaly Guerrero

"All her stories are well written, enjoyable, and yet, they provide that edge that faerie stories should have, as we all know the faerie are known for their ability to turn foul should they not have their bargains filled as promised, or you get what you want, but not what you expect."
 - Margaret A. Foster

"as a truly original thinker, she brings refreshing wisdoms and a luxuriously imaginative bent to her writing. As is the case with the best writers, sometimes Drik’s wisdom is conveyed not outright but in the tone of her writing or other exquisitely rendered subtleties."
 - Francesca DeGrandis

"This isn't about rewriting classic fairytales in a modern way, but rather about telling new stories in a fairytale style - or just stories about fairies. Some of the stories are clearly inspired by the classics, but they're still very much their own tales."
 - Nils Odlund

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