Worth the Fight

“Trash!” she shrieked, hurling another rotten fruit in Aiko’s direction.

After a month of this, you’d think her aim would have improved, even a little, Aiko thought as she loosened the hold between the broken china and bent cutlery that made up her body. The pieces of herself rearranged to fit between the gap between the wall and the restaurant’s industrial freezer. They didn’t resume their normal configuration until she got to her nest in the crawlspace in the wall.

Once inside Aiko examined the filleting knife that served as her sword. Satisfied her weapon was as sharp as ever, she laid it down and examined herself. She hadn’t lost too many chips this time, but the crack on her breastplate had gotten bigger. Aiko could swap it out any time she liked, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. It was a gift from the original owner of the restaurant.

Aiko kept the restaurant free from pests, from hobgoblins to roaches, for a decade. Of course she didn’t expect the new owner to salute her, or even sit and share stories and sake with her. But to have her cracks and dents earned through battle mocked! She didn’t have any other place to go, but she refused to linger where she was disrespected.

She was contemplating which of her personal effects to take with her, when she heard a rapping on the wall. Aiko picked up her knife and went out.  Tucked into the space between the freezer and the wall was a paper cup with sake, and a note. “Dear General, please stay.” It was signed by all of the kitchen staff.

Aiko folded the note as tightly as she could and tucked it in the crack of her breastplate. She took the sake home, and placed the paper cup in a place of honor among her things.

Seto-taisho by Matthew Meyer
Find more of his amazing art and fun facts about yokai

Process Note: Aiko is a type of of yokai (Japanese faery creature for lack of a better translation) known as a seto-taishoo, a little soldier made of broken kitchen things. 

This short story was inspired by the prompt given at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads: Mythical Prejudice, where we were asked to explore prejudice from the point of view of a mythical creature who is part of our modern world.


  1. I love this.. and I hope the Aiko stays, and I would be sure to visit for some great Sashimi.

  2. There is not a bit of this that I don't love. The myth is delicious, Aiko's personality speaks of the dignity and bravery of her culture, and the gesture from the people warmed my heart. Now, every time I break something in the kitchen I will have Aiko in my mind. :-D

  3. I agree, the character and description of Aiko is soo beautifully haunting! I love the bit about her valuing her worth and refusing to stay where she isn't respected.

  4. This was so delightful! How wonderful to be introduced to a new mythical personage from the Japanese myths! Thank you! Oh, I could certainly read more adventures from Aiko! Broad hint, hint!

  5. A lovely story and thank you for introducing me to the little soldier of broken kitchen things. I shall think of her too when I break things.
    Anna :o]

  6. broken china and other things... a warriors heart is made of these. Love it.

  7. What a unique creature to write about. Wonderful tale!

  8. This is such a delightful tale.Crockery warriors sound fab. Looks like she's gonna be fine.