Introducing me

This is my first official blog post ever, so I figure it makes sense to introduce myself a bit and describe the blog.

So what the hell is this blog about?

Beats me. I started it primarily because a blogger I admire, Magaly Guererro, keeps posting these really neat writing contests/ ideas/ blog parties and I wanted to play along. I guess it will be mostly a forum for my writing but I do reserve the right to write about whatever interests me at the moment. Topics will likely include most of the stuff mentioned under "likes" and likely exclude things like celebrity gossip, sports, and crazy conspiracy theories. Also note I tip to the left politically, so if that's an issue, well, I'm sure there are other blogs that will suit you better.

Isn't Kestril Trueseeker a silly and somewhat pretentious name?

*best Phineas impression* Yes, yes it is.

I'm still fond of it however. I started using it quite while back when first seriously learning about Paganism. I happen to rather like kestrels (the falcon from which my name is derived). They are pee-wees as falcons go, also colorful and fairly loud. Kestrels are one of the few birds that hover, taking their time and assessing the situation before they strike. You'll find I am always joking about my height, love wearing bold colors and I like to take my time to come to an opinion before I swoop. Still really hate it? That's cool. I'm sure there are other blogs out there that will suit you better.

So are you going to write about witchy stuff, teaching me the spells to cast fireballs, ride broomsticks and turn my ex/ my teacher/ my boss into a toad?

Er, no...if that's your thoughts on Paganism and Witchcraft, you're going to be mighty disappointed. You may want to pick up some good books on the topic. There's an excellent chance I will discuss Paganism in general, but it will likely be very general. If you are looking for a conpendium of spells and rituals, sorry, that's not what's going to show up here but - everyone sing along now - I'm sure there are other blogs out there that will suit you better.

OK , that seems like enough for now. Next stop - the 300 word story challenge! (Which is why I started this up in the first place)


  1. Great beginning! Looking forward to many more...

  2. Well, with the moon being so super huge and stuff, I thought you would at least write some penis enlargement spells. Yes, I was the first one to say a naughty word in your blogs *hehehe* Some things are just universal law.

    I love that your blog is not going to have an agenda. The best ones I've read have just been about people, and the fantastic reality that is their lives. I ADORE your description of kestrels, the bit about "olorful and fairly loud" made me nod in the most loving of ways.

    Welcome to the world of blogging, dear friend. May this medium be exactly what you expected and a bit more ;-D

  3. Now that your toes are wet, I can't wait to see you take a plunge! :)

  4. Alright, Kestril! I'm looking forward to more!!!

    Jennifer (Ambergine)