Even the Sky

Even the sky blushes when it thinks of the night to come. Anticipating the taste of you, the day passed so slowly. But your touch can stop time, making star lit night grow longer and punishing day for taking so long to yield.

Waiting for your skin
to alight upon my body
is sweet agony.

This poem was inspired by a prompt given over at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads: Fashion Me Your Words, Slowly. It is also linked to the Friday 55 at Verse Escape and Poetry Pantry 385 at Poets United.

 I seriously love the song behind the prompt, especially because as a Spanish speaker, I know how unsubtle that song is. This was crazy fun to write.


I see you, scorning souls that could be your mirror. Compassion flees me, so Sense must stand up and toil towards a future safe for fools.

Song Choice: Champion by Fall Out Boy

This poem was created in response to a prompt for Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads: Writing Exercise I picked C for Compassion, and was amused with where my thoughts led me when I investigated that theme in tanka form.


The weeping willow’s green curtain beckons souls who want to hide, yet still be outside. But merengue and the smell of barbeque float from the other side of the park. The bookworm waits for someone to speak her language before deciding.

Footfalls keep the beat
while Spanglish sings over the park
coaxing me to join.

This poem was created for Verse Escape's Friday 55 It is also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry 383.


The singular grace
of crooked flower petals
sets apart the bloom
meant for his kiss. I receive
twisted beauty in my hand.

Song Choice: Good Enough by Evanescence 

This poem is linked to Poets United: Poetry Pantry 382

She Be But Little

It’s not about pretty or ugly – it’s about convenient. The dumpy girl who blends into the shadows always walks home from the library alone. She didn’t pay attention to the look he gave her when she bent down to pick up a pencil. She is not paying attention to who is standing outside the library now. What he forgets is that arms that can carry so many books are strong. And that a voice that whispers in a library is the loudest voice in the choir. She can sing loud enough to make church walls shake.

Silenced voices grow loud.
Rejecting shame that isn’t theirs,
they rise and break walls.

This poem was created for a prompt given over at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads -  Wordy Thursday With Wild Woman: The Silence Breakers.


My hair is too big for the cap I was given. Blowing myself a kiss, I let it fall along its natural part and adorn it with flowers, unconcerned if they match my dress.

It is tiring
to prune one's blooms to conform.
Define glamour
by the plumage that suits you.
Rebel by loving yourself.

Song Choice: Confident by Demi Lovato

This poem was created for the Midweek Motif at Poet's United: Narcissus (Vanity/Narcissism). I am also linking it up to the Friday 55 over at Verse Escape.