Magpie Tales Nov 30 2014

This is my offering inspired by the current prompt over at Magpie Tales

There are bits of me hidden from myself.
I’m sure you’ve noticed them too;
but you don’t mind it.
And now your mystery is woven into mine.
I like that very much.
Do you mind the strangeness?
Odd… shouldn’t I be bothered by this?
And even more oddly, I don’t think I care,
about those things we can’t see yet.
And all that is regular, reasonable,
fades into nothing
against Love’s chaos.

Go to Sleep Child (Nov 2014)

Go to Sleep Child (Nov 2014)

Go to sleep little one
The water’s been spilt
The clothes have been mussed
But Daddy and I shall love you still
And the fingernail moon floats peacefully over your world
There is no need to fear
Go to sleep little one

Clean white sheets surround you
A roly-poly dog snuffles nearby
Mistakes have been made
But it’s just a little water
But nothing so permanent to make you cry
Mommy’s coffee and Daddy’s cream
Blend beautifully in your world
Why should it not be so elsewhere?

Though there are things being broken that cannot be mended
And more than water spilled under this scythe moon
The cacophony of electric birds keening
Need not trouble you
It is elsewhere
At least tonight
Go to sleep