Nowhere Fast

The first Five Sentence Fiction challenge I did was so much fun, I decided to try another. This one's theme is Fearless.

"Do you have a bigger ramp?" Reg asked Evan.

Together they dove into the dark recesses of Evan's garage and found, not a bigger ramp, but several paint cans, hula hoops, tarps, bricks, fishing line, lumber and garden tools of assorted sharpness.

They dragged their haul up to Reg's house and went to work piecing together an obstacle course that terminated in a ramp on the edge of the in ground pool.

Reg and Even admired their handiwork, deciding that a flame jump section might be too much for a first run when a scream pierced through their thoughtful discussion.

"Regina Lysette Smith, what are you - no I don't want to know - get your leotard on and get a move on because we're late for ballet class, AGAIN!"


  1. Nice twist! Of course we all just make the sexist assumption that Reg must be a boy like Evan . . . BUSTED!

    1. I was glad I was able to get a small twist in there. This story was one where the little details mattered a lot. I wanted her full name to be a bit fussy and over the top girly (her parent's expectations) but still a strong one (why be a princess when you can be a queen - a daredevil queen at that!)

  2. And when she's done dancing... she'll jump the jump.

  3. Ah, mothers! I wouldn't advise on the flame section though!~