Also By Request

A couple of days ago I posted my recording of a poem based on which one had received the most votes by you lovely folks. While My Parent's One Moment of Whimsy was the clear winner, Faerie Song inspired such a passionate response, I felt as long as I had my microphone out, I ought to record it too. So here it is:


  1. I loved hearing your magical voice fill up the graphs on the line. Beautiful words spoken so gracefully!

  2. I just know you are half Fae. Goodness, the tone of your voice when you read this... completely enthralling.

    1. It was really fun getting into character for this one. I had a blast.

  3. Ah! I've never believed in faeries before, much less been entranced by one, until now. I loved your tender read - so much there, very expressive. Whatever faerie dust you sprinkled on that recording, well, it worked. Thanks!