Fine Indefinitely

I’ve made a sort of peace
with my chimera-like self.

Yes, I’ve envied
those whose lives were made
of uniform fabric, whose seams
always lined up with each other,

until I realized the beauty
in the patchwork of all my loves
stitched into my grinning soul.

I shall never be elegant.
I shall never neatly fit
into the costume of a role
not meant for me to play.
Those itch anyway.

Singing my praises to the beautiful blue
of a sky as high as I can imagine,
or murmuring prayers to the heart of a fire
that jumps and sparks in steps known only to itself,

I know that certainty sometimes equals confinement
and prefer to stay unconfined, undefined -
unless of course that’s what I desire
at that particular moment.

This poem is linked up to the Tuesday Platform over at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads. Kerry asked us to contemplate if a song has ever saved our lives. I'm not sure about saving my life, but something about this song always comforts me and feels like home.


  1. I love the opening and closing. Excellent piece.

  2. The beauty is in the patchwork... I wish I had thought those words. I just love it when truth sounds brilliantly poetic. I adore your chosen song, too!

  3. I shall never neatly fit
    into the costume of a role
    not meant for me to play.

    This is such an important self-discovery to make.

  4. You had me at costumes. Very lyrical. Would love to hear the melody that went with it. As always, love your Muse's colorful eye.

  5. My seams never line up either. This poem resonates with me!

  6. Oh but we are meant to stand out, Rommy ❤️ this is soo heart-stirring.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem ~ and yes, costumes can be stiff, cumbersome AND itchy.

  8. Hey, nobody's life is uniform fabric. :) I agree worry your last stanza -- make of life what you will!

  9. 'Those itch anywy' AMEN to that. Didn't know the band but this is a great song. Might have to learn this one on the old guitar.

    1. My husband introduced me to this band back in college. I've liked them ever since.

  10. Nice contemplation. There is power in being different. I know...

  11. Ah, the joys of freedom and spontaneity! I love the 5th verse especially.

  12. Knowledge of self and who and what you wish to be in the when and where is invaluable.

  13. I really identify with this! Beautiful!

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