To Heal this Broken World

If my words cannot hold water
let them at least not act as tinder
for those eager to stoke the flames.

If I am struck silent
at the scope of the horror,
let my eyes at least be
brave enough to not look away.

If I can remember
only one thing, let it be
that every needless death diminishes us all.

The ability to kindle compassion
is the only superpower
that can heal this broken world. 

Liner Notes for This Groove: This poem is linked to the Friday Writings Prompt at Poets and Storytellers United.


  1. All so very, very true and beautifully said, Rommy.

  2. Perfect recipe.
    Thanks for hosting today.

  3. The second verse strikes me especially... so important to know and inform and add one's voice (how so ever small and weak) wherever it is desperately required. And yet, so much goes on its merry way, as if nothing terrible is happening. Felt that a lot, these last 7 weeks.

  4. Eloquently written. Words matter … so often troubles inflame by those who stoke the flames.

  5. You poem is beautiful ... it needs to be read aloud wherever, whenever the occasion calls.

  6. Beautifully expressed !...Compassion and kindness is needed everywhere....Rall

  7. Excellent. I just love that first stanza.

  8. Yes. It is compassion that is much much needed in this divided world.

  9. I'm tattooing the second stanza on the inside of my skull. So that I can remind myself not to close my eyes, when everything tells me that it's the only way. And I'll keep the last stanza in my heart, because we all should...

  10. As others have said, that second stanza stays with you.