Dipping in a toe

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So it's been a bit since I've blogged. I've been mourning the impending loss of a friend (he's still hanging on despite heavy doses of morphine). My whole family was shell shocked for the first few days after we found out. After that wore off, I've been in a cleaning frenzy the likes of which have never been seen since I was pregnant with my last one. I would love to say the house looks great now, but it's in that in-between stage of organization, where it almost looks worse than it started in some places. But so many old toys, clothes, and household items have been given away that I'm feeling good about things (well, the state of things in my house anyway).

I would love to say that I wrote in between cleaning, but frankly I was mostly up to sucking my thumb and watching old episodes of favorite TV shows. I've only just now been slowly coming out of it - recognizing that there are things I love to do besides cleaning (hell - I'm not all that crazy about it to begin with!). And I realized my friend Magaly Guerrero over at Pagan Culture is holding her annual Halloween blog party All Hallow's Grim. I had wanted to do it last year, but didn't have a story idea. This year, I toyed with the idea of posting one of my favorite stories I've written called, Poker Night, which is pretty much a poker game between several fae sorts of creatures. But then I talked to Magaly and thought that what I needed was to take the back story of one of those characters and write about that in a way that fits the "So Good, So Dark" theme. My mind came up with several ideas. I still have yet to nail something down, and I can't promise it will be my best writing ever, but I think I can do this. Well, I'm committing to do this so I'd better have something!

I know it will start off with "Tell me a story", and then the story teller, a kitsune, will take it from there.

The video I'm going with for this post has been making me laugh these last couple of weeks. When I felt down, I'd look this stupid thing up on you tube and dance while I dusted. Considering that my story will center around a kitsune, I thought I'd go with it.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend- i'm glad the cleaning has been keeping you sane. Sometimes sle care is the best thing we can do when dealing with grief.

    If you've got a goal, stick to it! My stories almost never come out as good as I envision them to be- but i'm always better for having written them.

    Thanks for participating in IWSG!
    Love, Bev
    (October IWSG co-host)

  2. Therapeutic cleaning will work and when it's done, it's easier to deal with other things. I'm so sorry to learn about your friend, that's a harsh fate and hard on everyone around him, too. As for the story, I'm looking forward to it. I'm new to this writing lark, but I am considering something for All Hallow's Grim. See you there!