Now In Stereo!

My blog has hit the 100 likes mark on Facebook. To celebrate I decided to record myself reading, not one, but two stories in the Halloween spirit. For my first one, I've chosen Fangs, Sheathed because a.) vampire children seem like a natural for Halloween and b.) I had too much fun playing around with the different voices.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween and/or Blessed Samhain!

For the second story, tune into Inciting a Riot's special Hallowed Riot Show, coming soon!


  1. I loved this story when I first read it, but the delight of hearing you read it is unbounded! Your voices were perfect! Thank you!

  2. Like Sharon, I too fell for this tale the first time I read it. Hearing the voices of your characters makes me love it, even more.

    If was half the reader you are, I would read aloud to myself all day! ;-D

    1. LOL, I'd need even more tea than I usually drink if I did that!

  3. Wonderful! Your voice is easy on the ear!