(Just a quick poem I worked on yesterday, after a vague sort of dusting of snow.)

The snow was much deeper then
and you and I were much younger.
But when it glittered at just the right height,
and the powder of it was just so

we’d run.

Leaving nothing
but sprays of crystalline glitter and prints behind us

we’d run,

when good folk were working, cooking, studying
and generally intent on busy-ness.

That might have been me too,
when I was even younger still,
cocooned beneath cinder and cement,
looking outside and longing,
but afraid.

The snow is not right yet.
The leaves are mostly gone.
But the sky still has not made up its mind.
Eventually it will,
and when it does

I’ll run.


  1. Your words capture a moment in time, a snowy day, and leave something warm filling a space that used to be a little empty. I bet your loved ones who have gone into the Summerlands would approve... If I was gone, and I saw that those I love continued living--even better, with a bit of me in their hearts--I would be extremely happy. May the love and memory of all we've lost, run with us. Always.

    1. It was a happy memory...I loved thinking about those afternoon snowy walks. Faye had such a funny way she'd run through fresh snow, it always made me laugh.

  2. What a lovely capture of what was and what will be, and full of hope and understanding. It reminded me of a snow globe; a good one that's full of landscapes and dreams.

    1. A snow globe! Oh I love that. LOL, dang it I want to draw that out now!

  3. Thank you for visiting!
    I love this... It's beautiful:)

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your kind words as well :)

  4. Very visual, we don't get snow in Queensland but amazing how some of it relates to sand, covering the dune banksia the freedom of running & the "Leaving nothing but sprays of crystalline glitter and prints behind us" you could be on the long deserted beaches here. Remembering the enjoyment & the delight & not hide as we age in man-made shelter when we can thrill to mother earths home as she leaves the door open for us to, well, run in. Lovely.

  5. It was a remembrance of a good run out in the snow, as well as a reminder to me not to let grief keep me from the things I find joy in, even if things are not quite the same as they were. Yes, reveling in Mother Earth is something I can't put aside, even when I am sad.

  6. Beautiful. Beautiful as always. Thank you for sharing it.