It must be exhausting to live that way.
Waiting for the shoe to drop.
Holding your breath before the water takes you.
Bracing for that killing blow.

You’re in bare feet.
Real or imagined shoes
aren’t getting in the way.
We left them behind
as we ran through the field together.

The water isn't too deep here.
Perhaps if you were a mouse
weary from fleeing a cat
there might be an issue.
But you're safe.

There is no danger,
not now, not ever.
Not from me.
Love, may I offer you a kiss instead?

Song Choices: Anything For Love by Meatloaf
This poem was created from a prompt offered by Magaly Guerrero for NaPoWriMo (Day 21: This poem is a fighter; writing something that challenges the veracity of at least three negative thoughts)


  1. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop sucks, its exhausting.

    1. It does. It can really poison your ability to see when things are going well.

  2. Talk about an earworm => "Anything for Love" :-o
    Good write, Rommy.

    1. LOL, I am the earworm queen after all! Thanks. :D

  3. Running barefoot through fields got a date! :D XXX

    1. I am so loving that we are nearing the sort of weather perfect for that activity!

  4. Barefoot is my favorite way! Who needs stinking shoes! Not us! Great freedom in this! I am answering my poem on the issue of the other shoe dropped, too. It wouldn't stay out of my head!

    1. The funny thing is this is one of the poems I had written out early (if a topic moved me, I'd make sure to jot down all the thoughts into a rough draft and save the editing for the day of the release). I had gotten this one down and then read yours. Great minds think alike! Can't wait to see your response. :)

  5. I'm not even sure where to start; there is so much here...

    Perhaps I should say that I've read it three times. First, because this is one of those poems that rolls off the tongue, so I didn't want to slow down... but just enjoy the sound and imagery in the words.

    After I did slow down, I was taken by the speaker--I couldn't quite tell how many there were, then I realized that in order for the first stanza to happen, the speaker or speakers have to be close enough to each other (or herself) to know everything that goes on in the subject's heart. So they are probably the same, or at least very empathic.

    I'm attracted to the safety the speaker in the last stanza offers... And cautious, because the entire poem sings of a mildly spooked rhythm... Just like the vibe that comes from someone who is terrified to death, but is resourceful enough to use humor or movement to mask their apprehension.

    I hope you write a follow up to this poem. For I would really love to know if the subject accepts the kiss...

  6. It was definitely from the point of view of a lover to beloved, though it is certainly up for interpretation whether they are the same or just people who understand each other very well.

    There is a certain level of fear involved in falling in love, because it makes us so very vulnerable. Also there's a lot of baggage that could be brought in from all the other things going on in life. Humor of course is a help with this, but it can only take the edge of fear off. It is still up to the beloved to decide to take the gamble.

    I hadn't considered a follow up - but that's a heck of a good idea!

  7. dang, I love that you took a Meatloaf song as inspiration ~

    1. Meatloaf is one of my guilty pleasures. :)