Slash in Silken Iris

It was my favorite
Iris strewn
Purple silk
A nod to actors of old
who played any part they fancied
And, of course
A memory of a home
half a world
half a lifetime
far away

My siblings said it suited me
I asked a lover once
if sewn square sleeves
and summer's jewels
were too odd a combination
A kiss was the reply
It was my favorite 

This gash could have been avoided
had someone been a bit more compliant

Come to the city you say
You have a friend who can mend it like new
I suppose if I can trust you
with the child that I hold dear
I can trust you with this

Irises by Vincent VanGogh

Song Choice: Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen
This poem was created from a prompt offered by Magaly Guerrero for NaPoWriMo (Day 11: Poem from the view of a fictional character). For this, I chose Yuuki, a character that has appeared in a few short stories on this blog. This poem bridges the gap between this story and a story that is likely too big for the blog, so I plan to release it with a few more short stories as part of a collection.


  1. Lovely writing and perfect picture choice. :-)

  2. Ooow...Yuuki sounds a most interesting character :D XXX

    1. Thanks! I'm quite fond of how that story line is developing. :)

  3. The landscapes you paint--of the kimono, of Yuuki's personality, and of the way the character lives--offer both harmony and chaos. The flowers set a quiet mood, something sweet and pretty, that is then broken by a slash cutting the silk.

    The second to the last stanza is my favorite: the smoothness, the violence (hey! we all have our thing), the light humor that widens the eyes and tells us so much about Yuuki.

    1. I am so glad you saw all that. For fans of the story so far, there's quite a bit to be gleaned about Yuuki here. :)

  4. One of my favorite Van Gogh's--and the misty blue-violet of its irises seems to suit this shadow-tale. "This gash could have been avoided/if someone had been more compliant'--love that, very open to a few different takes. Enjoyed this much.

    1. Thanks. I am very fond of that portion of this as well.

  5. I like that she does the needful things even if something she loves is damaged in the process. Can hardly wait for the bigger piece!

  6. Square sleeves and summer jewels! Oh I miss that as well!
    I love this very much, a peak into HERSTORY perhaps? xo
    Love Bruce always!

  7. I like the tension of this poem's imagery.

    1. Thank you. I feel like I managed a bit of a small story in there as well, so tension is a good thing.

  8. I really like Yuuki. I hope you have big, big plans for her. =)